Being Human Festival

The premiere of the short animation ‘King Oswald’s Raven’ will take place at Peterborough Cathedral on Saturday 14th November as part of this year’s Being Human Festival.

Alongside the screening of the animation, which uses imagery from Peterborough’s medieval bestiary to tell a comic German legend about Oswald’s talking raven, visitors will have the opportunity to take-part in a selection of family friendly drop-in activities, including craft, storytelling and music.

The Peterborough Bestiary: Cambridge, Corpus Christi College MS 53

‘King Oswald’s Raven’ is currently in production and it is really exciting seeing skilled animator Charlie Minnion bring aspects of our research to life. Do check out Charlie’s website to see examples of his previous work, including medieval themed animations for the British Library.

A big thank you to the Parker Library, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge for partnering with us on this project, and to the British Academy, UCL History and King’s German for additional support.

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